TEST + Build helps you improve your communications using behavioural science

TEST + Build™ is a digital platform built by The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) that enables you to apply insights from behavioural science to your live communication projects. 

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Find out the benefits of testing your communications. How effective are they and how can they be improved using insights from behavioural science?

TEST + Build helps its users in two ways. First, TEST + Build provides you with insights from the behavioural science literature that you can use to improve your letters, texts, and emails. Second, it shows how you can test these ideas in practice by running ‘randomised controlled trials’. These trials enable you to discover which letter, text message, or email works best. You can then use the results from these trials to make improvements to your communications over time.

Get inspired with easy to follow guidelines, examples of past successes and create your own impactful messages.

Our platform has a library of resources, methodologies and case studies that draw on the latest in behavioural science and the research of The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT). All of this material is built around BIT’s project management framework called TEST. This enables users of TEST + Build to learn how to run their own behavioural insights projects, while drawing on the best available practice and examples from similar campaigns run elsewhere.   

Get guidance and feedback from our highly skilled team to achieve strategic goals.

TEST + Build gives you, the users, the tools you need to run your own communications projects. But it won't enable you to run a randomised controlled trial entirely by yourself (which usually takes years of training!). So at key decision points, TEST + Build provides you with specialist support from BIT’s in-house team of researchers. This will mean you learn by doing the project, but you also get all the support you need along the way.

With our TEST + Build Solution service we redesign your communications for you

We found that some organisations don't always want the full TEST + Build functionality (from identifying the target to running a full-scale trial). They just want to develop more behaviourally-informed communications drawing on best practice from similar projects.

We've therefore developed a standalone module for TEST + Build which focuses on developing your new communications. We call it ‘Solution’ (this is the ‘S’ of the TEST mnemonic).

The Solution module brings in our specialist team to review your letters, emails, or texting campaigns, and apply insights from behavioural science for you, but will not lead to the running of a randomised controlled trial.

What our customers are saying

“The TEST + Build platform was so easy to use and so informative. It helped us clearly define our project objective and design the interventions. Additionally, the TEST + Build team provided excellent support, sage advice and carried out the complex analysis.”

Patrick Knight, Head of Revenues and Benefits, Medway Council

“The TEST + Build Solution service has been really useful to be able to rapidly tap into the expertise Test + Build has, both from a research perspective but also understanding what works in the ‘real world’. It highlighted the importance of getting fresh/outside perspectives on the materials we produce, particularly when they have been around for some time”.

Andrew Mehrton, The Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, The Australian Capital Territory


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The power of Behavioural Insights

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) coined the term 'behavioural insights' in 2010 to describe the practical application of a range of academic disciplines broadly known as the behavioural sciences.

The Behavioural Insights Team and BI Ventures

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) is a social purpose company. We are jointly owned by the UK Government; Nesta (the innovation charity); and our employees.

TEST + Build in practice

Medway Council used TEST + Build™ to design and then test new ways of increasing the rate at which Council Tax payers signed up for Direct Debit.

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